Avatar Mayhem is a build and destroy sandbox featuring an urban world to use as your scratch pad. Create structures, fly around with your jetpack or demolish everything. Defend against an alien invasion in City Defense mode. v.1.3.1

Honey Badger – Slayer of Memes Is a retro style Boxing game, where your opponents are internet memes. See if you can spot them all! Available on XBox Live Indie games.

The ‘World Wide Interweb’ has invaded the sport of boxing! Take on internet celebrity look-alikes in the quest to become the greatest meme slayer of all time.

The ultimate meme boxing game!

Fight Monkey of Magic is an arena fighting game/party game with a role playing “player versus player” feel. Use magical powers and traditional fighting techniques to fight your way up to the monkey, or play in hack and slash mode to battle for the best score. 1-4 Players.

Fight Monkey of Magic is now available through the Xbox Live indie game marketplace.

Check out the game page for more info: https://dreamwagon.com/fightmonkeyofmagic

or download it for XBox here:


If you have tried this game, and would like to offer suggestions or comments to our team, please feel free to email us at:


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