Calvert Cliffs exploration – Winter ’07

Over the Christmas break I had the opportunity to visit a beach area of the Chesapeake Bay known as Calvert Cliffs. This area is known for its fossil deposits from the early to middle Miocene eras (anywhere from 8 – 23 million years ago) and has yielded fossils which have ended up in museums around the country. Although I am not an archaeologist, I was immediately astounded by the enormity of the fossil deposits in the cliffs. Of course the chances of finding something rare is..well rare, but to know that what is embedded in the hard clay is millions of years old makes every find special. Luckily, the day before our visit, it had rained all day, eroding the cliffs down. My wife found some fossilized coral, vertebrae, and a lot of extinct shells of scallops and ecphora (Maryland’s official state fossil!). We also found some fossilized bones and things we haven’t identified yet.More information about the area can be found here

Here is a video which shows the layers of fossils in cliffs.