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Hi! I’m Jesse. I am the founder/lead programmer of dreamwagon games. I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University Capital College with a BA in computer science. My blog is a place where I will often post  technical tutorials, code samples… sometimes random thoughts and most importantly development progress of my games!

My interests are Digital Art, Drawing Painting, Basketball, listening to and creating music of any genre, math/programming, Indie Game development (of course!), 3D animation, and Computer Graphics, architecture, carpentry and furniture making, starting big bonfires, making big bonfires even bigger, walking and wrestling my dog, gourmet cooking, sushi rolling and of course spending as much time with my kids and wife as I possibly can.

Developing as an indie has been a tremendously awesome experience, and I am humbled every day by the sheer magnitude of effort that it takes to make a great game. I hope you are entertained when reading the cliff notes of my journey.

I can be reached via the dreamwagon twitter account. @dreamwagon or use my (sadly under used) personal twitter account @jjhavok

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