NBA Basketball has become utterly unwatchable

If you know me at all, you know I am a staunch critic of the officiating in the NBA. In my opinion, its the most terribly inconstant and just plain ugly thing in all of professional sports. So here I am watching tonight’s Spurs and Hornets game where somehow they manage to call 4 offensive fouls in like 2 minutes. Granted Chris Paul did push off on Bowan the second time, the two calls on West were epically bad, and they occurred 30 seconds from each other. I think as a prerequisite for officiating in the NBA, all NBA refs should be required (at the beginning of their career) to do a season in the Big East. That’s right, start at the college level before all these players get there theater degrees so they can see what it actually takes to knock someone down. Then maybe they will be able to tell when someone is flopping. Image that. The NBA without flopping.

Google Grand Central – Sweet or Superfluous?

Recently I was given an invite to join google grand central which is a free answering service provided by the almighty indexers of all that is important, My first impression of Grand Central was pure awe. I was given a free number which could serve essentially as a main line for all the phone numbers by which I can be reached. Grand Central has a nifty web interface which allows you to check who has called, route certain calls to specific numbers and take messages. I do think the service is rather neat, but on second glance, I wonder if it serves any real purpose. After two weeks of using the service I have not checked in to play with it again. What I really wonder is who would I actually give this number to? Is there anyone I would like to go through yet another degree of separation before being able to reach me? In the end, If I was important enough to need something like Grand Central, I would be important enough to have a receptionist.

I would love to hear about anyone else’s impression of Google Grand Central

wordpress and my blog

Hello all, and thanks for checking out my first journal entry. I first must comment on the ease of setting up wordpress. I had heard good things about wordpress, and was eager to get it up and running on the server. I am truly amazed by how easy it was to set up. I wanted to write my blog system from scratch ( and nearly did) when I realized that I really wanted the ability for people out there to add comments about what I would be writing about. My system was written in php so adding this functionality would not be a huge technical leap. Then out of the blue, my boss asked me to evaluate wordpress. It must be fate, because I had it downloaded for no more than 2 minutes and it was up and running on my test server at work. With plenty of themes to chose from, and installation as easy as copying a directory, it really was a no-brainer for me. Looking forward to using this tool to create some helpful articles.