Avatar Galaxy a last dance with XBLIG/XNA

After many months of development effort, Avatar Galaxy has finally been submitted for review. The creation of this title has been a bittersweet journey as I watch the community of developers on the XBLIG site slowly dwindle away. As I worked each day on Avatar Galaxy, I often thought back to the days when the creators club site was a vibrant community of developers who were excited¬† to be able to get a title on a ‘real’ console. I have also wondered if Avatar Galaxy will be the last title I develop with XNA.

Even with all its problems (such as the community review process, website and reporting issues, lack of prompt developer support) the XBLIG experience has been pretty positive, and I rather enjoyed being a part of the community. Of course we all know how to find each other on reddit, IRC, twitter etc, but there is just something that will be missed whenever the CC goes away. (I can’t put my finger on it..)

Maybe I will be able to make another title with XNA, but I probably won’t… So with that said, here are the screen shots of (Maybe my last XNA game) Avatar Galaxy

…and as Jimmy the random NPC says (with his only line in the game):¬† “I guess all we can do now is sit back and wait for the end.”


screen 3


screen 4

Box Art

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